Andre Iguodala Had Some Very Odd Things To Say After Friday’s Loss

03.11.17 2 years ago

The Golden State Warriors fell to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday night and it wasn’t a typical performance from the best team in the NBA. As a result, Steve Kerr immediately indicated that the team’s entire core would be absent from the proceedings on Saturday against the San Antonio Spurs but, in the end, that did not end up being the only piece of controversy in the aftermath of a close-fought defeat.

Following Kerr’s statements to the media, veteran swingman Andre Iguodala had a very odd exchange with the media. Chris Haynes of ESPN reports that, at the outset of his availability, Iguodala “blurted out another controversial, racially insensitive comment” and it reads as follows:

“We gotta score more than the other team. Yep, they want dumb n—-s, so I’m going to give y’all a dumb n—-.”

Iguodala didn’t stop there, as the remainder of his postgame address was captured on camera.

Iguodala’s use of “change gonna come” ruffled some feathers on the internet and the biggest source of contention came at the end, when he was prompted about Kerr’s decision to bench his starters on Saturday. The response of “Nope, no clue. I do what master say,” was immediately seen as a potential shot at his head coach but, in the aftermath, Iguodala told ESPN that he and Kerr are “cool” and that “[People] can think what they want to think.”

Needless to say, it was apparently a strange locker room feeling and it later included this gem from Draymond Green, who reportedly made the assembled media wait 45 minutes before saying this:

“That’s a long time. I contemplated for a long time whether I was just going to give the 25-[thousand dollars] up and wash my hands with it. I’m going to go buy myself a nice watch tonight with that $25,000 I thought about spending tonight. I’m going to post it on Twitter. Not Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. I’m going to go buy myself a nice gift for the discipline I showed tonight.”

No such fireworks will be taking place on Saturday, with both Iguodala and Green joining Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on the shelf with rest. Still, it can’t be ignored that Friday’s loss created an extremely bizarre post-game environment, and Andre Iguodala’s comments were, at the very least, interesting.

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