Andrew Bynum Took The Next Step In An Attempted Comeback, Even If Paul Pierce Is Skeptical

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Basketball players who are out of the league try to make comebacks all the time, but there’s something intriguing about the thought of Andrew Bynum trying to give it one more shot. Despite the fact that Bynum has been out of the league since a short stint with the Indiana Pacers in 2014, he’s still relatively young — the former NBA champion doesn’t turn 31 until next month.

Of course, being out of the league for four years and his checkered injury history don’t help his case, nor does the fact that the NBA has gotten away from big men with his skill set. But Bynum has always been talented and doesn’t exactly have a ton of mileage on his metaphorical wheels, so maybe he can make something happen, even if he has a major critic in Paul Pierce.

“This is nothing, let me tell you why,” Pierce said on ESPN’s The Jump. “The Andrew Bynum we saw before he left the game … the game just doesn’t translate to what he does. He was a back to the basket player, really couldn’t shoot. It doesn’t translate to today’s game, I have a better chance of coming back than Andrew Bynum.”

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