If Andrew Wiggins Could Posterize Anyone In The NBA, It Would Be ‘My Boy JoJo Embiid’

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Andrew Wiggins and the Minnesota Timberwolves are hovering perilously close to relevance. The lower half of the Western Conference playoff bracket is full of question marks and exclamation points. They’ve hired a brand new coach with a track record of instilling defensive excellence, pushing his players to the brink, and getting the most out of rosters often full of what could charitably be described as “spare parts.” They’ve demonstrated they can embarrass the Golden State Warriors during the race to 73 wins. They have a cache of young up-and-coming talent, a playmaking wizard running the point (for now)…and also they’ve got this guy name Karl-Anthony Towns, who some people think he might be pretty good someday.

So how is Wiggins dealing with the increased expectations and pressure? Seemingly pretty well!

In an interview with Fox Sports, besides committing to excellence and vowing to restore honor to the state of Minnesota, Wiggins rattled off a variety of important factoids, including what a great dancer Kevin Garnett is and how the best thing about Minneapolis is that it’s clean. But the most important revelation is obviously Wiggins’ desire to dunk on his former Jayhawks brother-in-arms and current physical manifestation of The Process, Joel Embiid.

FOX: If you could posterize someone right now, who you dunking on?

AW: My boy JoJo Embiid from the Sixers. I never got him (as teammates) in college; time to get him now.

You can only have the utmost respect and awe that Andrew Wiggins already knew exactly who he wanted to dunk on. Well, not just dunk on – put on a poster. No hesitation.

One usually has to consider such an important question, but not Andrew Wiggins. This is the killer instinct Minnesota Timberwolves fans rejoice to see emerging. Perhaps Wiggins really just wants to motivate Joel Embiid to get his mind mentally prepared for his first actual NBA game. But maybe he just wants to throw down a dunk on his buddy. We all do sometimes.

(Fox Sports)