Steph Curry Somehow Actually Made This Acrobatic One-Handed Circus Layup

11.16.16 1 year ago

Ho hum. Just another incredible highlight from Steph Curry.

The Golden State Warriors are a team bursting at the seams with highlights. Kevin Durant already hit a buzzer-beater in the first quarter against the Raptors on Wednesday night, and now we have Curry finishing off an impressive fast break with a circus shot that somehow fell in.

Curry sprinted after an Andre Iguodala lead pass after Iguodala stole the ball from DeMar DeRozan and quickly tossed the ball downcourt from the Toronto key. Curry tracked the ball, then slowed down to lure Raptors guard Norman Powell.

Curry initiated contact with Powell under the hoop and then elevated, lofting a high shot with his right hand that kissed the top of the glass and fell in for the bucket. Curry made the free throw for the 3-point play that helped Golden State build a double-digit lead at the half.

Curry’s playing so well lately that he’s getting some love from the current meme of the moment.

While I generally agree with Pete Holtby’s critique of Kermit the Frog-based memes, I think this one is pretty deserving. That Steph Curry kid can play, and embracing the dark side is definitely something the Warriors are going for this season.

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