Anthony Davis’ 30 & 15 On TNT Was Not A Revelation

At this point, any time we see a nationally known writer express suprise at the exceptional talent of Anthony Davis, we think long and hard about blocking them.* When The Unibrow™ dropped 30 points and snatched 15 rebounds against the Dubs last night in the bac kend of a TNT double-header, some have claimed it was Ant’s big introduction to the world. That’s complete hooey; he’s been dominating all season and was averaging 20 and 10 last season. Anthony Davis is a known commodity and MVP contender, so lets stop pretending we all didn’t know this already.

Davis’ big game in front of a nationally televised audience shouldn’t shock anyone. He’s a freak melting pot of genes, hard work, and basketball IQ. Last year’s MVP, Kevin Durant, even christened him the next in line.

The Warriors — now at 16-2 on the season, tops in the NBA — still won going away last night, 112-85, but Davis’ exploits can’t be overlooked — not that they have been up until this point.

Last night he had 30 points on a ridiculous 14-for-19 from the field and grabbed 15 rebounds. He also swatted three blocks, and snatched two steals with those Mister Fantastic limbs, but those numbers are actually under his season average.

Even a cursory google search will return thousands of profiles, interviews, highlights and op-eds gushing about the genius of the Pellies power forward. He’s really good, and we’re not sure why some media outlets still think he’s hiding from everyone down in the Bayou.

Yes, New Orleans isn’t exactly New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or even Miami, but with the advancements and popularity of League Pass, every real basketball fan already knows he’s a force on the floor. You’re not breaking new ground when you claim he’s an MVP candidate — even though his MVP odds appeared disconnected from reality before the season started.

Writer’s won’t have a jump on other outlets when they claim he’s revolutionizing the game with his length, speed, defensive instincts, and rapidly improving offensive skills. In fact, they’re rehashing the same Davis cliches and tropes.

Brow leads the NBA in player efficiency rating (33.1) and blocks per game (3.1). He’s also second in the Association in steals per game (2.3) and points per game (25.2). He’s sixth in rebounds per game (11.6) and has connected on more field goals than anyone else so far this year (168). That’s two more than Kobe Bryant.

He’s dominating on both sides of the ball, and the Pelicans aren’t horrendous; although it’ll take a massive effort for him to lead them into the playoffs. Were he to lead this New Orleans squad to the NBA’s second season in the Western Conference, he should probably win the NBA MVP.

He’s 21 years old, but Anthony Davis isn’t sneaking up on anyone except those unoriginal few who have been living under a rock the last two years.

*We never do because caring that much about what someone else thinks — in 140 characters or less — is almost never enough to mute them forever.

(video via Dawk Ins)

Whose performance this year IS surprising?

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