Anthony Davis May Be The Next NBA Star To Take A Short-Term Deal To Control His Destiny

12.27.18 7 months ago

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The Pelicans lost again on Wednesday and that was enough to push them down to 14th in the West, only ahead of the lowly Suns in the standings. They’re only four games back of the playoffs, but that hasn’t stopped the concerns from piling up. The majority of those concerns are about the future of Anthony Davis, and how a poor showing this year could push him out.

The Pelicans big man is fully expected to receive an offer for a supermax contract extension this summer. If Davis turns that deal down then many believe that will be the unofficial start to his free agency and New Orleans will be forced to explore trades

The supermax is the best offer New Orleans has right now. The roster isn’t championship caliber and right now even the playoffs aren’t a guarantee. It’s hard to keep a star around in those kinds of conditions. Of course, Davis has yet to even hint at what kind of decision he might make in the future. Trade demand? Free agency? Actually taking the supermax? Nobody knows. Zach Lowe of ESPN says many teams expect Davis to pass on the supermax contract, but that does not mean Davis plans to lock in long term elsewhere.

“Davis’ representatives surely know how close they can get to supermax money by cycling through short-term deals until Davis locks in the largest long-term contract — a strategy interested teams expect Davis to follow, sources say.”

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