Alvin Gentry Is Uncertain Whether Anthony Davis Will Suit Up Again For The Pelicans

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When Anthony Davis initially started missing games due to a hand injury, the Pelicans expectation was that Davis would eventually return to the team and help them make a playoff push. However, as he continues to sit out due to injury, questions are starting to arise if he will ever play for the Pelicans again.

Davis requested a trade from New Orleans on Monday. He informed the team that he wouldn’t sign an extension this summer and that he’s probably not going to re-sign with the team when he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2020. With the trade deadline on February 7, if the Pelicans are going to move him before the end of this season they’ll need to do it soon.

Still, while the Pelicans have learned that Davis is for sure leaving, they need to do what’s best for themselves and find the best deal. There aren’t many teams that can give them a good offer at the moment. They might be better off waiting until the offseason to trade Davis, but they’ll certainly hear from teams now. When Alvin Gentry was asked on Wednesday if Davis was going to suit up again for the Pelican this season he didn’t have an answer for the question, as even the staff in New Orleans is unsure of the plan.

Does this mean for sure that the Pelicans are looking to deal Davis by the deadline? No. It could mean that Davis injury might sideline him for the season, or that his representation and the team is planning to sit out the year until he’s traded to protect his health. Gentry could just be playing coy until after the trade deadline so he doesn’t show the Pelicans hand, but mostly it seems like there’s just a lot of uncertainty about the immediate future in New Orleans.

For anyone looking for clues as to whether Davis’ Pelicans career is over, the team pulled him from the pre-game introduction video played on the jumbotron at home games ahead of Wednesday’s game.