Anthony Davis Claims Someone Else Picked Out The ‘That’s All Folks!’ Shirt He Wore Last Night, And He Has ‘No Control’ Over His Clothes

04.10.19 3 months ago

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Anthony Davis made waves on Tuesday due to his wardrobe choice for the final New Orleans Pelicans game of the season, donning a Porky Pig-inspired “That’s all Folks!” T-shirt as he walked into the arena.

It was hard not to read into Davis’ sartorial choices, as he has already reportedly requested a trade. Furthermore, his preferred destination is the Los Angeles Lakers, home of LeBron James, better known as the star of the upcoming film Space Jam 2.

Davis claimed today that he didn’t pick out the shirt – rather, it was laid out for him by a stylist or someone else on his team: “I have no control over that. I just put it on.”

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