Anthony Davis Has Put The Fate Of His Signature Unibrow In The Hands Of His Fans

03.28.18 1 year ago

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Anthony Davis is known for two things. One is being a phenomenal basketball player, as he’s carried the Pelicans to a 43-32 record this season despite New Orleans losing his All-Star teammate DeMarcus Cousins in January. Since that injury, Davis is averaging 31.4 points and 12.1 rebounds per game and has been the driving force behind the Pelicans holding onto the fifth seed in the West.

The other thing Davis is known for is his signature unibrow. It’s been his defining physical characteristic since he was a high school prospect and is the reason he’s known as The Brow. While Davis has based most of his personal brand marketing around The Brow, it appears he’s considering getting rid of that trademark feature.

The Pelicans’ star posted a Twitter poll on Wednesday afternoon asking his fans a simple question: “Should I shave my brow?” The answer options were “Yep” or “Nah.”

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