Anthony Morrow is the “Real Deal”

11.19.08 9 years ago
Anthony MorrowA-Mo’s got swagger like that

So says Don Nelson. In his post-game press conference after Morrow followed up his 37-point destruction of the Clippers over the weekend (see the video evidence HERE) with 25 more last night against Portland, Nellie had this to say about the kid:

He’s the real deal. And we haven’t even learned how to play with him yet. We’ve got to learn first of all where he is… so when he’s open he gets the ball. I told the team that after the game. You’ve got to know where this guy is at all times.

The other thing is, that when he’s working off screens, we’d better get him open. Because he looks like the real deal.

And then Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News follows up with his breakdown of Morrow’s value to the Warriors:

It started slowly: Anthony Morrow, trying to follow up his 37-point revelation from the weekend, went just 1 for 2 in a full first quarter tonight against Portland.

Not much there. Kind of quiet. He barely touched the ball.

Then the Trail Blazers sunk into a zone to counter-act Corey Maggette’s driving, Morrow hit a three-pointer 57 seconds into the second quarter, and… it was on again, though Portland really didn’t seem to recognize it until too late.
“He’s the real deal,” Don Nelson said after Morrow made 8 of 12 shots, 4 of 5 from three, and scored his 25 points very, very efficiently in 36 huge minutes.

(I haven’t looked at the reader comments yet, but I presume there are at least 10 ripping me for daring to suggest Morrow might not score a lot tonight and maybe there was an on-TV rip in there, too.

(Go ahead. It’s fair. Rip away. I can’t believe Portland Coach Nate McMillan chose to focus on Maggette instead of Morrow for so long tonight, but Morrow took total, blistering advantage. What a shooter.

(Morrow has convinced me of one true thing: He’s such a potent scorer that he MUST be dealt with in defensive gameplans, the way Leandro Barbosa or Rudy Fernandez must be dealt with. That’s large. That’s a large thing.

(If opponents treat him like just another guy, he’ll kill them, like he has killed the Clips and Trail Blazers. That means teams have to put a tough guy on him, but then wonder what to do about SJax and Maggette, and if they help on any two of those guys, Biedrins breaks free.)

Here’s what’s happening: Morrow is now the main man at the 2, which has totally energized the Warriors offensive flow.

That allows Nelson to play Corey Maggette at the 4, where Maggette is a very tough cookie (ask LaMarcus Aldridge, who looked befuddled against the smaller man for all 19 of Aldridge’s terrible minutes tonight).

And it opens the floor for Andris Biedrins and takes a lot of pressure off of Stephen Jackson. (Biedrins fell one rebound short of extending his double-double streak. But 17 and 9 is good, good. I don’t care about double-double streaks. I care about consistent quality play, which Biedrins is providing, whether he had 9 rebounds tonight or 15.)

Have you sen him play? Is he legit?

Source: Mercury News

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