Arizona Stays Undefeated; Syracuse Basketball Coach Involved In Police Investigation

11.18.11 7 years ago 21 Comments
Besides having an insanely fine wife, Steve Lavin is doing a phenomenal job at St. John’s. Coming into their matchup with Arizona last night, they were 3-0, full of life and full of potential. In a few of their wins so far, they’ve already stormed back from big deficits, letting their defense and athleticism do the talking, and with fifteen minutes left (down seven), it looked like it might happen again. They raced back, overwhelmed ‘Zona in pretty much every way possible and retook the lead. The ‘Cats didn’t have any standout performances, but they got solid games from a number of players, including Solomon Hill (15 points, six rebounds) and when they found their stroke at the end, they just had too much, winning 81-72. Nurideen Lindsey had 18 for St. John’s … Mississippi State has a ton of talent, but like their star big man, Renardo Sidney, you never know what you’ll get from night to night. Sidney didn’t show up last night in their 69-60 upset of No. 18 Texas A&M – he didn’t even make a shot – but Dee Bost kept up his great start (20 points, four steals) and the Bulldogs showed their teeth … Andre Drummond (11 points, 14 rebounds, four blocks) finally stepped it up in UConn’s 20-point win over Maine while the rest of the top 25 teams all won as well: Florida, Alabama, Michigan and Missouri … Since he retired, Shaq hasn’t stopped the dissing. Kobe‘s taken heat. So has LeBron and Pat Riley. Even Chris Bosh got thrown under the bus for perhaps the 100th time in the past year. Shaq seems to have unlimited ammo. He’s like ‘Pac fresh outta the pen, calling out the whole East Coast. People love O’Neal, but still, someone has to set him straight. Turns out it was the owner of the New York City nightclub Mars 2112 that had to give the Diesel a little taste of rejection. Shaq rolled up to the club this weekend rocking a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, tennis shoes and a beanie (you can check out the look here), and they wouldn’t let him in because of his attire. O’Neal apparently calmly asked, “Are you serious?” then walked down the street to another club that would gladly welcome him. We’re not into bending the rules for celebrities, but if we owned a club and Shaq wanted in, best believe we are opening the doors. As long as he isn’t wearing what he wore on Halloween, we’re good. These club owners better watch their backs though. Expect Shaq’s next book to call Mars 2112 a boring establishment that is dead for nine months out of the year, has nasty females and smells like s— … Keep reading to hear about Aaron Brooks going to China and a new college sports scandal …

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