An Arizona Cheerleader Got Ejected For Heckling A Referee


College basketball referees can have a reputation for making some really perplexing decisions. Whether it’s calling fouls that didn’t happen, letting players play through obvious fouls, or missing things even with the help of replay, college basketball officials get a whole lot of crap that fans would probably say is deserved.

We got an instance of a college hoops official getting a little carried away with their job on Thursday night during Arizona’s game against Arizona State. Sun Devils guard Remy Martin was at the free throw line, but the referee during the game just would not give him the ball. It appeared the official was sidetracked with something occurring along the baseline.

As it turns out, that something was an Arizona cheerleader. The ref was fed up with him, so instead of letting Martin shoot a free throw, he thought it was only right to toss the cheerleader from the game.

Molly McGrath of ESPN added some analysis to what went down, saying the cheerleader was “heckling and saying some inappropriate things” to the official.

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There’s no word on exactly what the cheerleader was saying, but you’d assume it must have been pretty bad if the official decided to do something this unconventional. Like the game’s announcer said, this is a new one.