A.T.L. = Atlanta Takes L

05.05.10 9 years ago 28 Comments

Special shout-out to Dime reader Gunner J. Matthews for the Smack title, which was sent in right around the time the Hawks were getting the federal prison gen-pop treatment from the Magic in Game 1 of their series last night. Before tip-off, the NBA announced that 2012 All-Star Weekend will be held in Orlando. Then the Hawks celebrated by going on vacation … Dwight Howard posted 21 points, 12 boards and 5 blocks in the 43-piecing. Between alley-oops and spin moves on the block he dunked on just about everyone in blue, and Vince Carter (20 pts) even got some (barely) above-the-rim action … It was actually close in the first quarter, then Orlando went on a 17-0 run in the second sparked by J.J. Redick and Mickael Pietrus, and never looked back. You figured the Hawks would employ a little of Larry Brown‘s strategy of playing rugby with Dwight with hopes of keeping him on the bench in foul trouble, while using their superior talent (compared to Charlotte) to run the Magic into the ground. That didn’t work, mainly because Atlanta never showed up … And all of a sudden this trailer doesn’t look so silly … The Lakers are just too damn big for the Jazz. The defining play from last night’s L.A. win (to go up 2-0 in the series) was when Carlos Boozer was posting up Pau Gasol and got a step on him, but was swatted at the rim by Lamar Odom. Booz tracked down the loose ball and maneuvered past L.O., only to get stuffed again by Gasol … The frontline trio of Gasol (22 pts, 15 rebs), Odom (11 pts, 15 rebs, 3 blks) and Andrew Bynum (17 pts, 14 rebs, 4 blks) was dominant again, and basically all Utah’s bigs could do was foul and hope they missed at the line. It’s not just proving how vulnerable the Jazz have become without Memo and AK-47, but also makes Denver fans wonder where they’d be right now if Nene didn’t get hurt and Birdman had any offensive game whatsoever … Kobe finished with a relatively quiet 30 points. He only went into takeover mode after the Jazz had cut L.A.’s lead down to four midway through the fourth, mostly getting to the line but also throwing in a dunk and a jumper during a game-clinching run where he Kobe scored 9 of L.A.’s 11 points … Derek Fisher‘s defense has become the running joke of the Lakers’ playoff run. Fresh off making Russell Westbrook famous, now D-Fish has Deron Williams to deal with. One time last night D-Will skated past Fisher with an effortless crossover, and as he cruised in for an easy dunk, all Fisher could do was throw his hands up and snap at his teammates like it was their fault … Did Shannon Brown cut his hair off because he was finally sick of all the Chris Brown jokes? We wouldn’t blame him, especially after the way CB butchered the National Anthem before the Mayweather/Mosley fight. Shannon himself probably could have done a better job … Funniest mid-game tweet goes to Twitter All-Star Marcus Williams (@mw1ll) of the Grizzlies: “Yo, either Ron Artest need some bigger shorts, or he need to pull his shoes up.” … Speaking of, we picked up our 5,000th Twitter follower at @DIMEMag yesterday. And they even went so far as to make a video about it … We’re out like the Hawks …

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