Watch The Hawks And Suns Combine For An Amazingly Awful 30 Seconds Of Basketball

Basketball is a beautiful game, perhaps the most elegant of all sports. When played at a high level, it is something to behold – a pass to the backdoor as a defender overplays the wing, a perfectly executed fast break that ends with a thunderous dunk, a block from behind from a hustling player – all wonderful parts of the game.

Which brings us to this 30-second clip from Saturday night’s contest between the Hawks and Suns. None of those things we mentioned apply. It is arguably the worst end-to-end action of the NBA season and certainly in the conversation for “clip most likely to look like a peewee basketball game.” The fact it ended with a made basket was nothing short of a miracle.

To be fair (and for the purposes of entertainment), the clip is much better when sped up and remixed with “Yakety Sax.”