The Craziness Of The Thabo Sefolosha Trial Got ‘The Daily Show’ Treatment

Hawks wing Thabo Sefolosha is less than a year removed from an incident in which a New York Police Department officer broke his leg during a scuffle outside a nightclub.

Now, Trevor Noah at The Daily Show retrospectively delves into the Sefolosha situation, which ended when he was found not guilty of all charges brought against him, though the situation isn’t completely over. Sefolosha is suing the NYPD for $50 million.

Noah has one of his “reporters,” Roy Wood Jr., dig into Sefolosha and his lawyer to find out why one of the NBA’s best defenders felt so comfortable taking that defense to the court instead of taking a plea deal, as many do in this case.

Among the jokes in the piece, one bit of information that stood out was Sefolosha’s lawyer explaining that he told his client he should take the plea deal on the table instead of going to court.

“I told him that a practice man takes the deal,” he told The Daily Show.

He continued: “To not take the deal was an incredible risk given the options he had.”

Woods points out that had Sefolosha been found guilty during the trial, prison was a possibility. So was deportation for the Switzerland native. And, of course, he could’ve lost his NBA contract.

“The original deal was that Mr. Sefolosha would stay out of trouble for six months, complete one day of community service and that the case would be dismissed and sealed,” Sefolosha’s lawyer explained.

Sefolosha’s insistence that he was innocent was what drove him to court. The court eventually agreed.

(Via The Daily Show)

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