The Hawks Are Reportedly Struggling To Find Trade Partners Ahead Of The Deadline

02.05.18 1 year ago

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This year’s NBA trade deadline is going to be fascinating because it features a number of sellers and very few buyers. That tends to lead to a lot of rumors, a number of minor trades that mostly impact future cap space, and a few contenders making minor additions.

The problem is there are very few contenders with actual assets to go after quality talent from the teams that would be happy to sell off their best players in exchange for young players and future draft picks. The Cavaliers are the most obvious example of this, and it’s why the trade talks with the Clippers about DeAndre Jordan have stalled, but they aren’t alone.

A look around the league shows that very few of the teams you would point to as teams in need of upgrades going into the postseason have assets to move. In the West, the top contenders are fairly well capped out with few movable future assets, and most of the trades figure to involve teams fighting for the eighth seed, not the top four squads. In the East, the Celtics have assets and are reportedly in talks, but the Raptors and Wizards don’t really have much to offer teams if they were to look to upgrade at certain positions.

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