This Awe-Inspiring New Wilt Chamberlain Video Deserves Your Full Attention

Happy Sunday! Can you think of a better way to start the first work week of 2015 than watching an hour of awe-inspiring Wilt Chamberlain highlights? We certainly can’t. This incredible new video featuring never-before-seen footage of the almost mythical basketball giant offers a unique lens into what made The Big Dipper the greatest athlete to ever play the game.

In the interest of full disclosure, it seems pertinent to note that we’re only a third of the way through this epic mix. Regardless, we feel comfortable highly recommending it based on that limited amount of viewing alone.

Some early notables among a video overflowing with them: Chamberlain boasting that he could bench press 600 pounds; A block of Oscar Robertson’s dunk that sent The Big O crashing to the floor; An account of Wilt dunking from the free throw line as a foul shot; and a cavalcade of clips like below showcasing The Stilt’s heretofore unseen combination of speed, power, and explosiveness:

Has there ever been a seven-footer who could run like that? It’s no wonder Chamberlain competed in the quarter mile as a member of the track-and-field squad at the University of Kansas.

We could gush about Wilt for thousands of words despite knowing so relatively little about his playing days – he’s that important a historical figure, and that mesmerizing of a basketball player and overall athlete. But this video – courtesy of fantastic YouTube account Wilt Chamberlain Archive – allows us a longer glimpse into Chamberlain’s basketball abilities than the majority has ever witnessed.

We’re confident that it’s worth a full hour of your time. Even if you (understandably) can’t afford it such a commitment, though, we implore you to watch an excerpt of this video at the very least.

Wilt’s storied exploits deserve it, and your insatiable hunger for everything hoops does, too.

(Video via Wilt Chamberlain Archive)

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