Ayesha Curry Is Getting A Food Network Show, Ensuring The Curry Family’s Continued Dominance

As the Golden State Warriors steamroll their way to the playoffs and draw ever-closer to the best single-season record in NBA history, Steph Curry’s star has never shone brighter. He’s arguably eclipsed LeBron James as the new face of the NBA — and if he hasn’t, he’s certainly been more fun than LeBron’s endless social media drama recently — and he looks well-poised to repeat as the MVP of the league.

In the world of celebrities, a rising tide raises all boats, so as Steph’s gotten more famous, so has his family. His daughter Riley is an internet darling, and his wife Ayesha has a lifestyle blog and YouTube channel. Now, Ayesha’s star is shining brighter than ever.

According to Forbes, Food Network has greenlit a cooking show for Mrs. Curry tentatively called At Home With Ayesha. It’s reportedly part of a push by the channel to incorporate more celebrities from outside the culinary world into its programming.

Ayesha already has tons of cooking show videos on her YouTube channel that will serve as her resumé if people wonder whether she’s capable of hosting a cable show of her own. If she has the star power to draw audiences and the chops to keep them, we could be witnessing the moment when the Curry family becomes one of the powerhouses of American entertainment.

(Via Forbes)