Baller’s Blueprint: Rajon Rondo’s Fake Behind-the-Back Pass

06.30.09 9 years ago 20 Comments

In every issue of Dime, we run a feature called “The Baller’s Blueprint,” where we get up with different NBA players and have them break down their signature moves and skills. In the Blake Griffin issue, we had Rajon Rondo break down how he leaves defenders shook on the break …

“I like to use that fake behind-the-back pass either in transition, or when I have a wide open lane within the offense.

“I think the reason why that move works so well is because a lot of teams play me to pass first. So when I slow up and look back – usually I look to the left because I use my right hand a lot – people bite on that pass fake. They think I’m going to pass the ball when I show it behind my back, and it works every time.

“I’m sure a lot is going through a defender’s mind when a point guard is coming at them. I’m coming at them so hard – play the ball or block the shot?

“I remember getting Nick Collison real bad when we were in Oklahoma City. He thought I was gonna dish it behind my back to KG, so he jumped out of my way. I ended up with an easy deuce.

“Yeah, I’m laughing a little bit on the inside when that happens. But I try not to show it too much.”

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