Barclays Center Hosts Upcoming Red Bull Midnight Run Finals

Round one of the Red Bull Midnight Run started half a year ago on the first day of June. Over the course of three months, in nine different cities, eight players were selected among the hundred best in each city by talent scouts such as John Wall and Anthony Davis. On January 10, following the Heat’s visit to face the Nets, those players are meeting in Brooklyn to decide which city will have the ultimate bragging rights.

The opening round stretched three months in nine different cities: Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York, and Houston. Out of the city’s best 100 D-Leaguers, former college stars, street ballers, overseas players, and more, only the best eight were selected to represent their city in a competition to find out who has the right to called themselves “The Most Talented Basketball City.”

Basketball was born in the United States, and since the game spread across the country to become the focal point in the largest metropolitan areas, a question has been asked and argued across the land: which city has the best basketball talent? Now we can finally find out.

Following the Brooklyn Nets Vs. Miami Heat game at the Barclays Center on January 10, those nine different cities will battle it out to find out the most talented basketball city on center stage.

The complete schedule of dates, locations, and venues, from the Red Bull Midnight Run regional events along with highlight videos, images and content from those competitions can be found online at< /a>.

Event partners adidas and Skullcandy will provide uniforms, warm-ups, footwear, and gear for the participating players.

Fans attending the Nets-Heat game on January 10 are invited to stay for the Red Bull Midnight Run finals immediately afterward at no extra charge. Concessions and facilities will remain open for all.


Atlanta – Larry Diamond, Spencer Dixon, Brandon Robinson, Chad Exchelberger, Josh Sparks, Chris Allen, Taj McCullough, and Levonn Jordan

Chicago – Antonio Johnson, Billy Rush, Brian Centella, Elijah Jones, Fred Taylor, Lavese Jones, Marvin Lee, and Tremell Adams

Houston – Babtunde PJ Alawoya, Lawrence Cliffe Ghoran, DeCorey Young, Jamal Fenton, Jereal Wayne Scott, Kendrick Cornelius, Rob Martinez, and Terry Turner

Indianapolis – Antonio Cannon, Antwain Weedan, Brandon Gene Evans, DeMarcus Catchings, Devin Williams, Jermaine Dearman, Joshua Caldwell, and Kenny Page

Los Angeles – Chris Lawrence, Deon Marcus, Donald Lee, Donovan Plunkett, Josh Gordon, Mark Dawson, Sheldon Bailey, and Tristan Williams

New Orleans – Brent Leduff, Byron Hawkins, Eric Neveaux, Jerry Simon, Lance Perique, Lionel Green, Maurice Foster, and Xavier Francis

New York – Antione Morgano, Bashir Grimes, Brad Forestieri, Courtney Nelson, Derek Braxton Jr., Jay Pettiford, Jonathan Myers, and Suquan Gary

Philadelphia – Aaron Williams, Anis Taylor, Charles Davis, David Taylor, Isaiah Nathaniel, Jarrett Kearse, Kevin Burwell, and Tyrone Hill

Washington, D.C. – Abdur Scott, Chris Jackson, David Bailey, David Lawson, Dele Ojo, Donte Briscoe, Jeffrey Thomas, and Robert Padgett

Who will earn the ultimate bragging rights?

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