Barkley Says D-Wade Shouldn’t Be All-Star; Gabrielle Union Burns Him

One of the primary reasons we DVR’d Inside the NBA last night when the All-Star reserves were announced was to see Charles Barkley bug out about the selections. We were not disappointed. Chuck even got into it with Dwayne Wade‘s wife, Gabrielle Union, after he said Wade “shouldn’t have made the All-Star team.”

“Dwyane’s great, he’s a Hall of Famer,” said Barkley when discussing Wade’s inclusion as an Eastern Conference reserve. “But he didn’t deserve to make the All-Star team.”

Never mind the fact Wade might not play after suffering a hamstring injury with no timetable for his return, or that he was overtaken as an All-Star starter in the last two weeks after a rigorous social media campaign on behalf of Kyle Lowry.

Chuck gets paid handsomely to speak his mind, and that’s what he did when he said Wade “is not having an All-Star year.” This after mentioning snubs like Brandon Knight, who he felt deserved the nod more than Wade. He’s got a point, too, since Knight has kept the Bucks afloat since Jabari Parker went down and Milwaukee (23-22) has a better record than Miami (20-25).

After Chuck’s comments, Wade’s wife tweeted the below:

TNT flashed the tweet across the screen and Chuck responded by attacking Union for her acting even while complimenting her beauty. Kenny felt it was out of order, but it was good television.