Philly Stands Up to LeBron, Carmelo and Chris Paul; Preview the Next Dream Team

09.26.11 8 years ago 38 Comments
According to The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Baron Davis is “eager” to start working with No. 1 overall pick Kyrie Irving. Davis told the Plain Dealer that Kyrie is immensely talented, creative, smart and has so much potential. He went on to say that they’ve discussed Cleveland, life as an NBA point guard and head coach Byron Scott. Pretty interesting comments from the former UCLA point guard. We’re not saying we’re “surprised” by Baron’s comments, just a little… taken back. Baron hasn’t exactly been the greatest role model these last few years, especially when you’re talking about his work ethic. Davis has consistently arrived out of shape to training camp. Let’s just hope things change with his new “father figure” role. Irving had this to say about Davis: “I have idolized Baron since I was a kid. He has been in the NBA for so long. He still has the same talent as when he first came in (to the league). What better way to come into the league than with a veteran point guard to learn under?” … If you’re Cleveland, are you throwing Irving right into the mix as the starter right away? Davis is still one of the top 10-15 point guards when he’s healthy and motivated. But at this point, with a team stuck in neutral, shouldn’t they be looking ahead? … Click to read about the foundation of the next Dream Team and the wild NBA All-Star Showdown in Philly last night…

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