The Insane End Of This Children’s Basketball Game Is A Good Lesson In Hubris


The white team thought they had won the game, and for good reason. They made the go-ahead free throw, and with only 2 seconds remaining on the clock, too. The probability of the other team making a shot to win was incredibly low. You can see the white team, jumping up and down, elated about their upcoming victory. How soon joy can turn to sorrow, though, something the more experienced among us learned long ago.

Sports can be a venue for miracles, as both of these teams learned. The blue team inbounded the ball and, with one incredible, far-too-strong-for-someone-that-young chuck, sank the game-winning buzzer-beater.

If that player, or a player at any level, tried that shot in the exact same circumstances for the rest of their lives, there’s a very strong possibility it never goes in again. Not that it matters, obviously – all that matters is that he made it this one time.

Perhaps it was luck, or perhaps it was divine intervention from the Basketball Gods. Either way, both teams learned an important lesson from this game: The blue team realized the value of never giving up, while the white team learned to never, ever, under any circumstances, celebrate victory until the final buzzer sounds.

Only one kid seemed non-plussed by the whole thing, the one sitting directly behind the scoreboard. While his fellow timekeeper looked agog, he was just chillin’ wondering what all the fuss was about.

Some good news for the white team: They’re in some solid company.

The Spurs, one of the finest franchises in NBA history, and certainly one of the most honorable, learned this same lesson a couple of years ago in the NBA Finals.

(Via reddit)