Ball Is Life For This Guy Who Worked On His Handle In The Middle Of A Congested California Highway

This is an extremely relatable post, because we’ve all been there. You’re on your way to work or home or a big date and you find yourself stuck in dead-stop traffic. You’re helpless. You’re frustrated. So to relieve stress, you pop your trunk, pull out the rock and work on your crossover and step-back moves while a helicopter films you from above.

He sort of loses the dribble around the six-second mark but recovers nicely. It’s fun to pretend he’s trying to take his car to the hole, like one of those weirdo videos where a guy dribbles around a squirrel and everyone screams. It’s also sort of frustrating that this is where the video cuts off, because you know this kept going for minutes. There are two types of videos that are always too short — dog videos and videos with dudes in khakis dribbling a basketball on a highway.

Stay tuned for the follow-up story about the Los Angeles Lakers signing this guy to a two-year deal.

(NBC Bay Area on Twitter)