A Basketball Player Busted Out A Crossover That Literally Broke An Opponent’s Ankles

The NBA has plenty of guys who can be described as ankle breakers. Kyrie Irving‘s methodical handles make him impossible to stay in front of when he’s cooking, and he very well may have the best handles in the league. Steph Curry‘s handle is so fast that he sometimes seems impossible. Even a guy like Jamal Crawford, who has definitely lost a step, can bust out moves that are so good that it reminds you of the days when he’d consistently fool NBA defenders.

And yet, while these guys are all “ankle breakers” none of them have ever actually, you know, broken a dude’s ankles, at least that we’re aware of. This means they have nothing on Kevin Ferrer. If you have never heard of him, he is a Filipino basketball player who has literally made a dude’s ankle break.

According to the site Team Pilipinas, his happened in a game between the Philippines and Iraq in the 2017 William Jones Cup, a tournament consisting of squads in Asia. Ferrer crossed up Iraq’s Hussein Talib, who went down awkwardly and actually had to get carried off the floor by teammates and coaches because of his injury.

The crazy thing is Talib’s ankle didn’t look like it bent in the wrong direction or anything like that, it just looked like his foot hit the floor weird and then some gross stuff happened in his ankle. Hopefully he ends up being ok, but for the rest of his life, Ferrer gets to say his crossover is so good it has caused a dude’s ankle to break in a way that is not metaphorical.