Watch This Guy Sink A Basketball Shot From Atop A 415-Foot Dam

An Aussie quartet of friends broke the record for sinking a basketball shot from the greatest height. Known as the How Ridiculous gang, this group travels to landmark destinations to challenge their own record. They sunk this particular shot — from 415 feet — from the top of Tessie’s Gordan Dam in Tasmania.

The attempt was featured on Seven’s Sunday Night television show, which documented the group’s three-day stint to break the record. Uncooperative weather (including wind, rain, and hail) proved to be an obstacle, but the weather finally broke. As did the record.

The group first broke the Guinness World Record in 2011 from the EuroMast tower in the Rotterdamn, Netherlands. This 415-foot shot stands as their fourth world record.

How Ridiculous started as a bunch of guys taking roof shots from their parents’ houses. Pretty soon, they’ll be sinking shots from space.

(Via Yahoo! & Guiness World Records)