The Greatest #BazeGaze Pics After The Hawks’ Kent Bazemore Again Started A Hashtag Craze

Back in the 2013-14 season, while he was with the Golden State Warriors, Kent Bazemore became famous for the hashtag #Bazemoring, in which Warriors’ fans emulated Bazemore’s signature bench celebrations.

The trend became so popular that it was even included in NBA 2K14, and Bazemoreing made the young player a household name even though he rarely got to come off the Warriors bench.

Bazemore has since moved on from Golden State and is now a member of the Atlanta Hawks. While #Bazemoring has largely died out, the former Old Dominion star has started a new hashtag this season: #BazeGaze.

Bazemore has become known for photobombing his teammates during post-game interviews, usually by striking his own signature pose. Ever since, it has exploded online among Hawks fans and others.

The Hawks’ guard recently spoke with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about how it all got started.

“Just being original,” Bazemore said of his antics. “All this stuff, I never know what entices me to do it. It just happens and I run with it.

“People in Atlanta are creative. They came up with the hashtag. They are looking for it now. It’s for them I do it. It’s always a good time. I guess I have to have something going on, right? The fans, I’m glad they see that part of me and the game. We’re human. We love to have fun.”

Throughout the year, everyone from Jeff Teague, to Kyle Korver, to Paul Milsap, to Dennis Schroder have all fallen victim to the BazeGaze.

Sometimes, his teammates even have the opportunity to pull off a reverse #BazeGaze if Bazemore has to do the interview; they certainly don’t want to miss that opportunity.

The BazeGaze has become so popular, that fans have been trying to do their best impression of it on Twitter.

The five-year vet has even been nice enough to pose for pictures with fans while doing his famous pose.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the internet if the #BazeGaze was not turned into a terrifying meme.

With the playoffs coming up soon, the #BazeGaze could be taken to new heights if he can pull it off in front of a more national audience. ESPN and TNT reporters and cameramen better watch out for a lurking Bazemore after each Hawks’ victory.

(Via myajc.com)