The Greatest #BazeGaze Pics After The Hawks’ Kent Bazemore Again Started A Hashtag Craze

04.09.16 3 years ago
baze gaze

Atlanta Hawks

Back in the 2013-14 season, while he was with the Golden State Warriors, Kent Bazemore became famous for the hashtag #Bazemoring, in which Warriors’ fans emulated Bazemore’s signature bench celebrations.

The trend became so popular that it was even included in NBA 2K14, and Bazemoreing made the young player a household name even though he rarely got to come off the Warriors bench.

Bazemore has since moved on from Golden State and is now a member of the Atlanta Hawks. While #Bazemoring has largely died out, the former Old Dominion star has started a new hashtag this season: #BazeGaze.

Bazemore has become known for photobombing his teammates during post-game interviews, usually by striking his own signature pose. Ever since, it has exploded online among Hawks fans and others.

The Hawks’ guard recently spoke with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about how it all got started.

“Just being original,” Bazemore said of his antics. “All this stuff, I never know what entices me to do it. It just happens and I run with it.

“People in Atlanta are creative. They came up with the hashtag. They are looking for it now. It’s for them I do it. It’s always a good time. I guess I have to have something going on, right? The fans, I’m glad they see that part of me and the game. We’re human. We love to have fun.”

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