See Spurs Assistant Coach Becky Hammon Bust A Move To ‘Hammer Time’

07.30.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

What a summer it’s been for Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon. The former WNBA star finished her opening campaign under the tutelage of head coach Gregg Popovich, becoming just the second woman in NBA history to act as an assistant coach. Because of how well she did in her inaugural year on the sidelines, she was awarded her first gig manning San Antonio’s summer league squad.

Lo and behold to sexists everywhere, the young Spurs squad won. And yes, winning summer league does not an NBA head coach make, but she’s thankfully on the short list the next time a coaching position does opening up. Let’s hope she actually gets hired soon because that first needed to happen decades ago.

But enough of that because Hammon surname is similar to a certain early 1990s rapper. Thanks to NBA Off-Season, we got to see #HammonTime debut on her Instagram page today, with the Spurs assistant donning Hammer pants and rocking out to “Hammer Time.”

The moves she showcases in front of the Spurs Coyote mascot put head coach, Gregg Popovich, and former Spurs assistants, Brett Brown and Mike Budenholzer, to shame, too.

Becky Hammon


They actually put all of us to shame.

Becky Hammon


Is there anything Becky Hammon can’t do well?

(officialbeckyhammon; H/T NBA Off-Season)

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