Before And After Brooklyn’s Reggie Evans Shaves His Beard (Pic)

The Brooklyn Nets’ reserve forward Reggie Evans is one of the most celebrated rebounders in the game today — seriously, check his rebounding rates if you don’t believe us — and while he’s a dominating force on the glass, he’s also known for the smattering of hair on his face. But that last part might change after Reggie shorn his famous facial hair.

Here’s Reggie on August 31, with the full beard growing more gnarled by the day.


But three days ago, Reggie took his son for a trim.


Except he also got a cut and captioned the below with, “Damn!!!!!!! Where my hair lol.”


Now he’s balling sans beard.


[h/t PBT]

What do you think of Reggie’s new look?

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