Before Lakers/Celtics Game 1, L.A. is thinking about the future

06.02.10 8 years ago 35 Comments

Jordan Farmar (photo. NBA)

One day away from Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the Lakers and Celtics have been over hours of game film and pages of scouting reports, and have been asked every question you can think of about themselves and their opponent. Now it’s just about staying healthy until tip-off. Beyond Kobe and KG‘s omnipresent nicks and bumps, Andrew Bynum is the biggest injury wild card; he reportedly had two ounces of fluid drained from his knee earlier this week and is playing through a lot of pain. On the other side, Rasheed Wallace has missed practices with a back injury, and Rajon Rondo is still dealing with his sore back from that fall he took in the Eastern Conference Finals clincher, a.k.a. The Greatest Moment of Nate Robinson‘s NBA Career. Rondo said he was “67 percent” yesterday. He made a good point, though. Nobody is 100 percent now that the two remaining teams are about 100 games into the season. Well, maybe Shelden Williams has fresh legs, but you get the idea … Jordan Farmar still has some spring in his step, but he’s trying to be one of those guys who’s worn out come playoff time. Looking ahead to (restricted) free agency this summer, Farmar wants to be a starter. “If we commit to find something where I could be the guy, that’s what I really want for the summertime,” Farmar told the Los Angeles Times. The Lakers could have 35-year-old Derek Fisher, 23-year-old Farmar, and 24-year-old Shannon Brown all unsigned this summer. If you’re running the team, who are you looking to bring back? Or are you going somewhere else for point guard help? …

LeBron and Larry

Larry King is about as old as all three L.A. point guards combined (you can throw Kevin Ollie and Anthony Johnson in there, too, and Larry’s still got ’em), but apparently he has no problem sharing a basketball court with the most talented player in the world. LeBron James is going to be in CNN’s “Larry King Live” this Friday, where he’ll talk about free agency and some other stuff people won’t care about nearly as much. The photo to the right is from Larry King’s Twitter page … Dwyane Wade agreed to a settlement in the lawsuit being brought against him by two former business partners. Originally D-Wade was being sued for $25 million stemming from a failed restaurant deal, but the settlement figure is confidential. It’s kind of a twisted way to look at things, but this is probably good news for Miami fans. If Wade is being very aware of his money right now — he’s also got a divorce trial coming up — and he just took a big financial hit, he also knows the Heat can offer him the most money … Consider this a warning: Dwight Howard is going to spend some of his summer working with Hakeem Olajuwon. Who knows if that means two weeks or a more intensive tutoring session, but if Dwight just picks up a couple of lessons from The Dream, he’s going to be a different kind of problem for the League … And if Dwight comes back for training camp a vastly improved offensive weapon, how bad does that make Patrick Ewing look? First the ’94 Finals, then Hakeem gets Pat again if he can single-handedly destroy Ewing’s chances of getting an NBA head coaching job … We’re out like Kevin Ollie …

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