Behind The Boxscore: Appreciating The Giannis Antetokoumpo Experience

10.24.17 1 year ago

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Behind the Boxscore is the NBA recap you need to keep your wits about you. Begun in another century, loping through several websites, we turn up and down the faders on League Pass so that you don’t have to. You can scroll down to your favorite team, but you’re going to want to try out the album tracks.

Phoenix 117, Sacramento 115

It isn’t reasonable to expect you to follow up days’ worth of cackling retellings of Phoenix Suns woes with a trip to your (still free!) NBA League Pass production, not with a game against the Kings on the schedule. You shouldn’t want to watch this game. If something goes terribly, that’s what you have the next day’s internet for.

It wasn’t worth the miss, it turns out. The game had more cracks than an Einstein family reunion but the very tan Dave Joerger has the Kings smiling and the Suns worked as one should after a six-day (THE SEASON WASN’T A WEEK OLD YET) stretch like that.

Phoenix clearly played harder, and with the team’s mix of inexperience and overall dodginess this can often result in overcompensation, especially when someone like Sacto swingman Garrett Temple crosses you over for a three-pointer, prior to your own overstep on the resulting offensive possession. The Suns know what they did, and tried to make up for all of it in one game. Luckily they were playing the Kings.

They do just flop around! It is charming and it only happens when hope hits.

Marquese Chriss needed all six of his fouls to score 19 points, pull in six rebounds and block three shots. Dragan Bender came off the Phoenix bench and did something with his arms, while rookie Josh Jackson took some chances on his way toward 15 points (on 6-8 shooting) and five defensive rebounds in only 23 minutes. Devin Booker, at 22 points, remains the foundation piece.

The quibbles about the makeup of the Suns already ring in your ears, as do the frustrations with so many of these other failing teams. What matters now is that they drive ahead with a spirit, its impetus simple, so as to identify with. If a team plays hard, unless it plays hard out of Detroit, it will be fun to watch.

The Suns already cost themselves a week’s worth of their lives and a man’s job. It would be fantastic if the effort in March and April reflected this as much as the showing on October 23rd did.

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