Ben Simmons Won’t Play ‘NBA 2K18’ And Refused To Tweet Out His Player Rating

08.19.17 10 months ago

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The player ratings reveal for NBA 2K18 has been a slow rollout over the past few weeks, and with a month remaining before the game’s release there are still plenty of players we’re waiting to learn. The process of releasing player ratings this year has been screenshots of the players from the game with their ratings being sent to the players to unveil on their own social media channels.

For the most part, players have taken their ratings in stride. Some have been excited about where they’re rated, while others haven’t been pleased but claim they’ll use it as motivation. John Wall, to this point, has been the one that’s gotten the most upset about his 90 overall rating — and Mia Khalifa got involved for some reason.

We have a new leader in the clubhouse for pettiness when it comes to the NBA 2K18 ratings reveal, as the Sixers No. 1 overall pick from a year ago Ben Simmons flat out refused to tweet out his 2K rating when approached.

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