Let’s Discuss The Greatest Basketball Movies Of All-Time, From ‘Space Jam’ To ‘Hoosiers’

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Well, here we are. The football season is over and the baseball season hasn’t started and basketball is in its midseason doldrums where each game feels like it doesn’t matter even though it probably does. It is not a fun time for sports. And it’s February. February is bad, too. We need something to get us through the next six weeks or so until Opening Day and the NBA Playoffs return to save us. Something we can do inside, preferably while lounging on a soft surface, covered in a blanket, and eating some sort of hearty winter food. Like stew. We need a stew-appropriate activity.

One solution: Basketball movies.

There are so many good basketball movies, and watching them feels relevant because basketball is still in season. (Kind of. See above.) Let’s talk basketball movies. Let’s do a basketball movie draft. LET’S DRAFT BASKETBALL MOVIES.

Martin, first selection goes to you. Choose wisely, buddy. I have been preparing my whole life for this without even realizing it. — DG

Martin – Round 1, Pick 1

Oh gosh, I don’t know if I’m fully prepared for a decision of this magnitude. I like having the second pick way more than the first. The pressure gets to me. If I have to take one basketball movie number one, I’ll go with:

Space Jam

I know there are Space Jam haters out there. And I understand it. I get it. You don’t think it’s a good movie. You have a problem with the actual basketball. You think the script is bad. Whatever. It’s a basketball movie with Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes, and Bill Murray is in it. This is the number one pick. Deal with it.


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