The Best Slam Dunk Contest Jams Since 2000, Ranked

02.15.17 1 year ago

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As long as the NBA has an All-Star Weekend, the centerpiece will be the Slam Dunk Contest. Anyone can hit a three. Anyone can take part in a skills competition. Anyone can play in a glorified pickup game (which, while I love the celebrity game and the All-Star Game, both are essentially pickup games).

Not everyone can dunk. Further, not everyone can bust out the creativity that we see in the Dunk Contest that makes it so entertaining. Even when a Dunk Contest is “bad,” we’re watching humans engage in feats of athleticism that only a select few can do successfully.

Plus there’s just something about the contest – the pageantry, the reactions, the fact that we are on the edge of our seats to watch one person do something that takes a split second, everything – that makes it feel huge. Every year, everything in the world of basketball stops for an hour or so on a random February Saturday because of the Dunk Contest.

It’s just the best. When you remember a moment from an All-Star Weekend, it usually comes from the Dunk Contest. We wanted to celebrate some of those moments by ranking the 10-best jams that we’ve seen in the competition since 2000, when we saw the single greatest Dunk Contest performance ever. We’ll get there eventually, but for now, let’s talk about the Seven Seconds or Less Suns.

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