From LeBron James To Andrew Wiggins, These Are The Best Dunks Of The Week

Death, taxes, and our never-ending love and enjoyment of Earth-shattering slam dunks. We’re a month into the 2016-17 NBA season, but we’ve already seen a season’s worth of incredible highlights, and so it’s time to start honoring the dunks that have us screaming, “BOOMSHAKALAKA!” at our home and office monitors and smartphones.

Even better, we’re ranking them and crowning weekly champions, because if the NBA can host its own season-end awards show and give out trophies for the fun of it, like ESPN does with the ESPYs, then we’re going to do our best to make rising superstar athletes like Andrew Wiggins feel better about themselves, too.

The last seven days had a lot of strong candidates, so narrowing the field to five was a difficult task. Rudy Gobert put on his own dunk clinic against the Rockets, as did Jonathan Simmons against the Wizards. DeAndre Jordan did his best despite the Evil Clippers losing to the Nets, and Jahlil Okafor reminded us all that the Sixers should never be taken lightly. And hopefully one day soon Wayne Selden, Jr. will be bringing his vicious D-League posterization to the NBA, but for now, sadly, he doesn’t qualify for our Top 5.

So, who does? How about we start with The King and rattle the rims from there.