Here Are The NBA’s 2018-19 ‘City’ Jersey Designs, Ranked

11.09.18 7 months ago

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Perhaps more than any other sport, fashion is everything in the NBA. Players extensively plan out their pregame and postgame wardrobes, and the on-court looks of teams and players are legitimate news. That’s why the NBA was the first to drop true “home” and “away” designs in favor of a more dynamic uniform scheme that, ultimately, gave teams more options to wear different jerseys.

Sure, the ultimate goal is to sell more stuff, but this is a capitalist society, so of course that’s what’s happening. The least we can do is judge how well everyone is doing their jobs and assign arbitrary grades to everything in the process. Nike has finally revealed all 30 “City” designs, and there are definitely some winners in the group. There are also, unfortunately, some outright duds, along with a lot of pretty good efforts that will neither offend nor impress. That’s kind of how it goes in life, as the bell curve rules all. But let’s put some numbers to the styles here and see where they fall.

These rankings are, of course, completely infallible. (Okay, not really.) Anyway, let’s get to it.

30. Indiana Pacers

Hey what if we took a picture of a road in the middle of nowhere and then hit the “invert colors” option on our phone to see what it looks like? Oh sweet, man. You gotta post that on Instagram, you gotta post that, man.

29. Phoenix Suns

These would be much cooler if the “Los Suns” look wasn’t literally something that has been happening in Phoenix since Steve Nash played there.

And now, let’s go on a quick rundown of the wide array of Inkwell-filtered jerseys we’ll be stuck with this year.

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