Watch The Internet’s Best NBA Impersonator Mimic Shawn Marion’s Shot

Ok, we already know that B Dot A dot is legit hilarious at NBA impersonation from his videos of Russell Westbrook and James Harden. But those guys are characters. Their personal styles are a story within themselves. Shawn Marion is a great NBA vet who just retired after years of humble, quiet work on the court.

There’s just one thing about Marion that makes him a ludicrous event to watch: it’s his shot. Incorrect wording because it’s really best described as a flick. Shawn Marion flicks the ball from somewhere between his ribs and belly button. And by the way it looks, something about it can’t be right but Marion is a career 48% shooter, and a passable 33% from 3 point land so it works well enough for him. This impression breaks down exactly how stupid that form looks though. No disrespect to his 15 year career and championship effort.

But his shot is like Chedda Da Connect’s divine inspiration. Because look at the flicka da wrist:

(Via BdotAdot5)