The Best Point Guards In The NBA Right Now, Ranked

02.13.19 6 months ago

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The NBA has changed. It doesn’t make sense to pigeon-hole players in narrow, positional constraints at this stage and a lot of basketball-related discussions group players in entirely different fashion than in previous decades. However, the point guard position is relatively easy to pin down and, in some ways, a different discussion — pitting “shoot-first” point guards against “pure” point guards — takes precedent over whether a certain athlete is actually a point guard or not.

With that in mind, it is easier to construct the player pool for a list of the best point guards in the NBA but that doesn’t necessarily simplify the task in an overall sense. The athletes in question can be very different in the way they approach the game but, if nothing else, there is a tremendous group at the top of the NBA and our task is to find the 10 best and rank them in order.

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