Here’s The Best-Selling Jersey For Every Slot In The NBA Draft Lottery

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The NBA Draft is just a day away and, as usual, it’s an exciting time for teams across the league as they hope to bolster their future with an influx of young talent. It’s also a great time of year for the league’s merchandise sales, as the excitement from fans tends to translate into jersey sales for the latest incoming players. The lottery selections are typically where all the money is — both in player contracts and jersey sales.

Classic outfitter Mitchell & Ness put together the pretty cool infographic that you see above, which breaks down the best selling jersey for players selected in each spot of the draft lottery. Mitchell & Ness has some great throwbacks to work with, but you may notice some surprising omissions — most notably Michael Jordan and all his great jerseys — who were not eligible for inclusion since M&N don’t have the rights to sell certain jerseys.

Maybe the most surprising winner is Eddie Jones’ 1995 Rookie Game jersey in the 10th slot, but there’s an explanation for that one:

We owe you a disclaimer for this one – Mitchell & Ness only made a very limited number of Eddie Jones’ 1995 Rookie Game jersey several years ago. And believe it or not, aside from Eddie Jones, we have never made the jersey of any other #10 draft pick (although the likes of Jason Terry, Brandon Jennings, Andrew Bynum, Paul George, and Paul Pierce all came along with the 10th pick). Not to take anything away from Jones, however, who was a 3x All-Star, an NBA steals leader, and a reliable shooting guard who averaged roughly 15 points, 4 rebounds, and 1.7 steals per game over 14 years.

Overall, though, that’s a pretty fantastic list full of excellent jerseys.

(Via Mitchell & Ness)