The 5 Best Shooting Guards In The 2017 NBA Draft, Ranked

06.20.17 9 months ago

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“You can never have enough shooting in today’s NBA.”

That is a prevalent catch phrase at the moment, and that is because it happens to be true. While it is (very) nice to put shooting on the floor at every position, many NBA teams can’t achieve that as currently constructed and that places increased emphasis on other parts of the roster. That brings us to the shooting guard class of the 2017 NBA Draft.

It would be aggressive to say that this is a strong group and not everyone that qualifies under the provision of this position is a knock-down shooter. With that said, it becomes increasingly difficult to function at this spot if you are not a long-range threat and that is the backdrop of everything here. As noted in our breakdown of small forwards, many of these players are interchangeable but, in the end, we only include them once in our preview series and the decisions have been made.

Now, let’s roll through the players in question, including a few honorable mentions.

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