Unlike Kevin Durant, NBA Free Agents Should Get Much Weirder With Future Decision Announcements

07.01.19 2 months ago

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Kevin Durant announced through Adrian Wojnarowski’s tweets that he planned to announce his free agency decision through the Instagram account of his business venture, Boardroom. In a post-Decision world, this was especially shrewd — as the follower count of said Instagram account skyrocketed in the wake of the Woj Bomb befor the real bomb.

But Wojnarowski found out where Durant was going before his 6 p.m. Instadecision and tweeted it to the masses, which sparked a round of conforming reports and sort of ruined the surprise anyway. Still, Durant is the latest major free agent to eschew the normal scuttlebutt that comes with sports personnel decisions and use his own platform to announce big news. And though an Instagram decision is a far cry from a TV show on ESPN, it does double as a great marketing opportunity for something Durant wants to see grow.

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