This Ridiculous Between-The-Legs Shammgod Is The Best Dribble Move You’ll See All Year

The 3-on-3 basketball boom isn’t just limited to the BIG3, which just held its inaugural draft over the weekend. Half-court hoops tournaments and leagues are popping up around the world, including FIBA 3×3. Having fewer players on the court creates more open space and lends itself to more isolation play, which makes ball-handling a major key for guards and post moves crucial for bigs.

3-on-3 hoops brings a streetball feel to competitive hoops, even if it’s not billed as such like the And1 Mixtape Tour. That’s because players find themselves in 1-on-1 situations where it’s dribbler vs. defender on an island and in that situation the ball-handler can have fun and get creative. That was never more apparent than in a FIBA 3×3 event in China where Dusan Bulut put one of the sickest moves on a defender, hitting him with a between-the-legs Shammgod to free himself for a layup.

I mean, this is just filthy stuff. This wasn’t the only nasty dribbling exhibition of the last 24 hours in basketball, as Steph Curry had his own bit of fun getting DPOY candidate Rudy Gobert all kinds of turned around on the perimeter.

With all due respect to Steph’s great move, Bulut’s Shammgod is the play of the week and arguably the best move of the year in hoops. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone pull the string on a Shammgod between someone else’s legs, and to do it so smoothly and cash it in with an easy layup is deserving of endless praise.