The Big 3 Announced Its First Season Two Signings, Ensuring At Least Two More Years Of 3-on-3

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The Big 3 is enjoying some much-deserved downtime after the success that was their inaugural season. 3-on-3 basketball, in general, is gaining steady momentum. The 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo will be the first to feature 3-on-3 basketball, and while I won’t solely credit Ice Cube for that, Big 3 deserves a lot of praise for not only giving us some hoops to watch in the summer but also bringing 3-on-3 basketball to national television. They are growing the sport, you can’t deny that.

Vince McMahon taught us exactly how difficult it can be to start a new professional sports league with the failure of the XFL. When someone like Ice Cube proposes a project this daunting the natural reaction is this sounds cool, but I hope it works. Fox Sports has already announced that they’ll be broadcasting a second Big 3 season, and we’ve got some even better news today as it appears as though Big 3 is already planning on a season 3.

On Wednesday afternoon, Big 3 announced a host of player signings, all of which are two-year agreements, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s a lot easier to invest in something when you have some assurance that said thing is going to be around. It appears as though Big 3 is going to be around.

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