Big Baby Pulls His Shorts Down & Picks Up A Technical Foul

We’ve all been upset over calls we don’t agree with. But Glen “Big Baby” Davis got upset to the point he dropped his pants in protest last night.

It’s no secret the Orlando forward plays with full emotion on the court, but it’s doubtful anyone expected him to go without shorts, too. Last night in San Antonio’s 85-83 win over the Magic, Davis was whistled for a foul in the third quarter on Richard Jefferson, who was going for a lob at the rim.

With both players going for the ball, Davis didn’t like that he got the whistle and went to talk with the official — and then dropped down to his tights, earning him a technical. Tony Parker made the free throw while Davis looked, somehow, incredulous he got either call. Stan Van Gundy just looked perplexed. That extra point helped: The Spurs won in overtime.

Now, we love Davis’ personality (Seriously, did you see how he kept busy during the lockout?) and know it’s gotten the best of him before — Kevin Garnett made him cry in a huddle in 2008. But once again, we’re talking about him for the wrong reason.

Doc Rivers knows this better than anyone, having coached him his first four years in the league in Boston. Rivers said today: “Trust me, I’ve heard about it,” said Rivers. “I haven’t seen it. Nothing with Baby surprise me. Again, he doesn’t do it — he’s Baby. You know, Manny (being Manny), Baby (being Baby).”

Do you think “Big Baby” hurts his teams with his outbursts?

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