Big news for Lamar Odom; bad news for Delonte West, Cavs

09.19.09 9 years ago 45 Comments

We have to hand it to the readers: You guys were way more entertaining in your comments about yesterday’s basketball news items than we could’ve been on a super-busy Friday in the middle of producing another issue. When news broke of Delonte West getting arrested for having THREE guns on him while riding a fancy tricycle (including a shotgun in a guitar case, Antonio Banderas-style), reader DH quipped, “I don’t think this is what LeBron meant when he said he wanted to surround himself with weapons.” Delonte got pulled over in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where, as reader Spencers Mom put it, “That’s how we go to the library.” … In all seriousness, though, this is more alarming than usual given the player in question. Delonte was reportedly dealing with depression last season, and this incident gave us memories of Maurice Clarett during his tragic fall from grace. Who knows where this will go legally, but Delonte could face some serious jail time … On a semi-related note, Michael Beasley might be getting out of his rehab program as early as this weekend. Hopefully the Heat follow-up and keep tabs on Beasley the rest of the offseason. His most recent mentor, John Lucas, just took a job as an assistant with the Clippers … From the Perez Hilton crowd, we hear that Lamar Odom is getting engaged to Khloe Kardashian, who you might know as Rashad McCants‘ ex-girl or Kim Kardashian‘s bigger sister who always seems to be talking about cocaine on whatever new reality show she’s on. Again, reader bill summed it up best: “Dime, can we please have an article titled: ‘How can Lamar Odom take longer to sign with an NBA team than to choose who he spends the rest of his life with?'” All due respect to the happy couple, but we wouldn’t bet the farm on this lasting the rest of their lives … Stats from Friday’s quarterfinal games at the FIBA European Championships: Vassilis Spanoulis (ex-Houston Rocket) dropped 23 points and seven dimes in Greece’s win over Turkey, while Hedo Turkoglu scored 13 in the loss; and Erazem Lorbek (’05 Pacers draft pick) put up 27 points, eight boards and three steals in Slovenia’s win over Croatia, while Roko Ukic had 21 points, five dimes and four steals for the losers … The Celtics have a standing training camp invite for Dan Dickau, and now the Lakers are bringing Mickael Gelabale to training camp. What’s up with these fringe NBA dudes getting a crack at making a championship team? Isn’t this what we have the Grizzlies and Clippers and Knicks for. There’s just something wrong about Dan Dickau possibly winning a ring while Jamal Crawford has still never even been to the playoffs. If you don’t remember Gelabale, he’s the French kid with dreads who played for the Sonics for a minute; he was supposed to be as good as Mickael Pietrus is now, but never did anything in the League … LeBron is going to be in a movie; a comedy called “Fantasy Basketball Camp” where he plays himself. LBJ did his thing on Saturday Night Live and is genuinely funny when he wants to be, so this could work. And he always says his favorite player growing up was Penny Hardaway, so now he gets to follow in some of Penny’s footsteps … With an NBA referee lockout on the horizon and replacement refs being prepped for training camp and preseason games, Shaq came out and publicly endorsed the veteran referees. We hear Tim Duncan is upset, too. Really, how is TD supposed to meet all the replacement refs, get on their good side, and curry their favor enough to where he can get away with more complaining and verbal abuse than anyone else in the NBA, all in just a couple of months? So not fair … We’re out like Butch McRae …

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