These Are The Players We Want To See In The BIG3 Next Season

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08.29.17 6 Comments

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What should we expect in the second year of the BIG3? According to Marc J. Spears of ESPN’s The Undefeated, a handful of big names could be on the horizon. Guys like Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and if all goes right, Kobe Bryant could suit up in Ice Cube‘s 3-on-3 half court league when it starts back up next summer, giving the league even more star power to go alongside its biggest draw, Allen Iverson.

But beyond those three, there’s a ton of room for the league to expand and make it even more of a draw by adding even more of former NBA stars. Sure, those aforementioned players are great, but what if the BIG3 could add enough star power that every game could feature a must-watch matchup between two guys who are either in the Hall of Fame or will make it to Springfield soon enough?

We decided to break down the players the BIG3 should try to add next year. If that’s not feasible, we’d love to see all of these dudes suit up in the league sometime in the future. As the BIG3 grows, so should its star power, and all of these players would play a part in making that happen.

Bryant, Garnett, and Pierce

Let’s get these three out of the way first. Spears’ report indicates there may be some interest here, Ice Cube has mentioned that he’s tried to recruit Bryant and Pierce, and Garnett looks like he’s kept in killer shape. Even if Kobe doesn’t want to come on board, let’s at least get the two former Celtics on a squad together and, for good measure, please make sure KG is mic’d up every game.

Jason Williams

He was in the league last year, but his season ended after getting hurt in the first game. White Chocolate not being able to play in a half court 3-on-3 league because he got hurt is cruel. Please come back next year, Jason Williams. This is a personal appeal in the event you were considering not playing.

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