The Big3 Will Try To Mix A Quarantined Tournament With A Reality Show

Every sports fan is looking for a fix as much of the nation, and the world, practices social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Without the presence of traditional sports leagues during this time, sports observers have been turning their attention to niche outlets from around the world but, as those dry up by the day, the Big3 is reportedly set to attempt what could only be described as a unique experiment.

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports brings word that the Big3 plans to “launch a quarantined, reality show-style three-on-three tournament” that would begin some time in April. Sixteen to 22 players are reportedly expected to participate, though specific players and details are still being worked on and, according to Haynes, “players will be quarantined in a large home provided by the league.”

Beyond the bizarre nature of this potential quarantine setup and the hoops that need to be jumped through to ensure safety, the premise include a reality show-like element that would follow players when they weren’t on the court.

“It’s Big Brother meets Big3,” Big3 co-founder Ice Cube told Marc Spears of The Undefeated. “If we can do it in a safe and responsible manner, we will.”

While there are definitely details and approvals that would need to be secured, this is an idea that could find success in this sports-craving environment. It will be interesting to see if the league can pull it off, though, and if it does, just how much interest there will be from the public.

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