The Whole World Rolled Their Eyes At Bill Walton’s Creepy Biology Joke

Today on “Bill Walton Says,” Walton talks about where he learned Biology at UCLA. No, it wasn’t in the classroom, it was on sorority row! Get it? Because there are girls on sorority row and Walton is a guy and you know what, you probably get it. This is honestly a little disappointing from Walton. Not because of the eye-roll-worthy lewdness of the joke, although that in and of itself is disappointing, but because he can do so much better.

The whole “learning about biology from a girl” is a dumb dad joke of the highest order. Walton is the man who once broke down a fight between bears and huskies and follows around the Grateful Dead. Please, Bill, leave the creepy comments behind and continue telling us about the time you were milked.

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