Bill Walton Formally Endorses Barack Obama To Be The Next Head Coach At UCLA

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If you’ve made it this far on the timeline that we call our collective existence as a species: Congratulations! Get ready for the next two years of your life being consumed by the never-ending spectacle and horse race that is presidential elections in these United States of America. Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren announced she is launching an exploratory committee to challenge for the Democratic Party’s nomination for the presidency in 2020, so the next 22 months are going to be about various people vying to beat Donald Trump. Best of luck to all of us as we try to survive without being consumed by nihilism.

Barack Obama is on the shortlist of folks who cannot run for president because of the whole “term limits” thing, but that did not stop him from picking up a major endorsement on Thursday night … kind of. UCLA basketball, which is going through some stuff right now following Steve Alford getting fired as head coach, played hosts to Stanford and came out with a 92-70 win.

However, since it was Pac-12 hoops at night on ESPN, that meant we got Bill Walton, the famously effervescent college basketball analyst who oftentimes talks about whatever the hell he wants during broadcasts. It rules. Walton was asked by play-by-play partner and person who does a good job going along with the bit Dave Pasch who he wants to take over at the helm of his alma mater, and Walton responded by endorsing the 44th president.

“Who do you think can succeed here?” Pasch asked. “What type of characteristics should UCLA look for in the next coach?”

“Barack Obama,” Walton replied.

When Pasch presented him with the whole “he probably doesn’t want to coach college basketball” thing, Walton responded forcefully.

“Well you keep saying that, but why?” Walton ponders. “Why are you so negative? Why do you just turn down … his brother-in-law coached. I’m sticking with Barack Obama until he says no.”

It’s an ambitious goal, but hey, Walton’s one of UCLA basketball’s most prominent alumni, so maybe he can talk to some people about approaching Obama for the job or something. Also: Bill Walton, if you’re reading this, please, let’s talk politics sometime.