ESPN Caught Bill Walton In The Middle Of A Rant About Legalizing Marijuana

Bill Walton is providing analysis for a college sporting event on Monday night. The catch is that Walton is not exactly in his wheelhouse – instead of calling a college hoops game, he’s joining a group of ESPN personalities during the college football national championship game on ESPNU.

Since this isn’t exactly his specialty, Walton has decided to provided some color to the broadcast. Namely, he’s adding a lot of red, white, and blue, because our dude is dressed up like Uncle Sam. So far, his best moment came during halftime, as ESPN’s cameras came back from a commercial without giving him a heads up, meaning the Worldwide Leader caught Walton in the middle of what appeared to be a rant about pot. The only thing we heard Walton say was “marijuana should not be schedule 1 drug” to someone else on the set before we got another commercial.

That wasn’t the only time Walton spent some time talking about weed. At one point, Walton let the set know that he likes to get high.

Additionally, Walton told Michelle Beadle to stop by his hotel room after the game ends because he had something for her. Since it’s Bill Walton, there’s about a 99.99999 percent chance he meant weed.

Walton is famous for using his platform as an ESPN analyst to talk about whatever he wants. Sometimes, that thing is weed. It should come as a surprise to no one that Walton would discuss this on live television during a college football game.